Department of Physiotherapy corporates other research centers and universities with offering junior researches carrying out their research projects in our laboratory. Our faculty members are also keen on collaborating in multidisciplinary studies to improve peoples’ health and wellbeing and achieve our research mission. The diversity of instruments available here let researchers optimize their research methodology. These instruments include:

1-     Kinesiologic Electromyography

2-     Ultrasound device outfitted with 2 types of probe; Linear array and curvilinear array

3-     Isokinetic set

4-     Biodex Balance system

5-     Easy tech Balance system (Libra)

6-     Biodex Balance target finder

7-     Easytech Dynatorque

8-     Electrical Goniometer

9-     Digital Tensiometer

10-   Myomed Biofeedback

11-   Pressure Biofeedback

12-   Grip dynamometer

13-   Whole body vibration

14-   Spirometer

15-   Capnometer

16-   Algometer

17-   H-Wave

18-   Isoinertial 

19-   Continues Passive Motion (CPM) for the Knee Joint

For more information please contact Ms Negar Akhavan, Phone:  (21) 22180039